Show 349 | Boston MA:
This week's show comes from our hometown of Boston, Massachusetts where we meet an accomplished local pianist who made her Carnegie Hall debut at the age of 7, a young musician who's the second ever double bassist to win the prestigious Stulberg International Strings Competition performs Bottesini, and we get to know a teenage violinist who is also a whiz at New York Times crossword puzzles.

Show HL-26:
Featuring nearly twice as much music as From the Top's regular episodes, this highlights program celebrates some of the best performances young people have given on From the Top over the past couple of seasons. Amongst the extraordinary young people featured on this episode, we meet the youngest artist ever to record all of the Chopin Etudes with a major label ... and a violinist who, at the age of 9, isn't big enough for a full-sized violin ... but the sound produces fills the theater and brings down the house.

How to write music when you feel stuck:
Christopher O'Riley and 18-year-old composer Andrew Guo discuss the compositional assignments behind his piece "7 Images for Piano."

Show 339 | Miami FL:
This week's From the Top comes from Miami, Florida where we got to hear a talented local teenager perform the music of Schumann and enjoy his stories of growing up in the Cuban community of Miami. Also featured on the show is an eleven-year-old pianist who performs two works by Chopin, and a violinist performs the beautiful and dramatic second movement from CÚsar Franck's Sonata for Violin and Piano.

Why does Chicago produce such amazing teenage chamber music?:
Christopher O'Riley speaks to three leaders of the music teaching community in Chicago