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Dreams of the Fallen:

Monday, May 29, 12:00 PM

In the United States, Memorial Day is often thought of as the unofficial beginning of summer, but its significance to this country runs far deeper. "Dreams of the Fallen: Music of Honor and Remembrance for Memorial Day" seeks to recognize and memorialize, through music and poetry, those who have protected our country – often at great sacrifice – from before its founding to the present.

From "Taps" to Britten's War Requiem, to numerous film scores and folk songs, conflict and memory have inspired some of the greatest music in history. This special draws from a broad variety of composers and styles, linking them with the spoken remembrances of soldiers, veterans, and poetry to help unify and console.

This special's title is taken from its centerpiece, a short masterwork by young American composer Jake Runestad, "Dreams of the Fallen". The work sets the poetry of Iraq war veteran Brian Turner and features pianist Jeffrey Biegel, and the choir VocalEssence.

Hosted by Steve Seel, this one-hour special honors those who have served.

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